Predictive Analytics

Panorama's Predictive Insights Predict Churn & Pinpoint Your Next-Best-Offer

Panorama automates the entire predictive analytics process and modernizes data analytics with predictive deep learning. By emulating the tasks of expert data scientists. Panorama allows you to join the deep learning (AI) revolution and stay ahead of your competition with predictive insights that reduce churn and pinpoint your next best offer. 

Make insight driven decisions. With Panorama’s AI capabilities you can predict the behaviors of customers and subscribers, for the following use cases:

Lead Scoring

User Segmentation & Profiling

Lifetime Value

Next Best Offer

Churn Prediction

Panorama enables telecom and media providers to:

  • Predict what’s going to happen and how likely it is to happen
  • Understand what variables make things happen
  • Investigate which actions will impact your KPIs and how