Finance BI & Analytics

Insight-Driven Decisions That Drive Profits and Reduce Risks

Necto is the most secure, centralized and state of the art financial business intelligence. It uncovers the hidden insights in your data and presents them in beautiful dashboards powered with KPI alerts and is centrally managed. Necto allows unique recommendation, personalization, and insight finding technologies that enable users to discover what they need to know and use collaboration capabilities to quickly address the issues found.

Financial business intelligence is used to create competitive advantages by driving profits and reducing risks. The financial world is in constant change and managers need alerts and notifications when data changes in their transaction systems. They need to be able to access data and keep track of any anomalies that may occur. All managers and users need to see the same version of the truth. Off course, each user will only see what he or she is allowed to see according to previously set data access credentials.

The correct implementation of a BI project is a big challenge for any company. Financial organizations face an even bigger challenge when implementing BI because of the nature of the data they handle. They generate, collect, and analyze sensitive data, like credit card records, bank accounts, transactions, and other financial information. This data is regulated by strict privacy rules, which calls for extra security and a special administration of the data. Not everyone can look at all the data. Financial institutions have tried different models of organizing their BI teams, but they have resulted in the creation of silos and data chaos.

Data chaos makes it impossible for executives to pinpoint a profit/loss report to the transactions that generated it. It makes budgeting, planning, and reporting into difficult and inaccurate activities that do not yield positive results. Executives cannot make data-driven decisions based on siloed data. And they cannot risk delivering inaccurate data to the public, as this can negatively affect credibility and market capitalization. 

It seems like having one version of the truth and data accuracy plus data privacy is an impossible task. But it is not. Information needs to be updated for everyone in one same web solution, with IT overseeing who has permissions to access it and who does not. The best solution is for BI users to be able to analyze data in a centralized environment. Necto provides this and more.

Necto is the top choice of business intelligence for finance organizations, allowing them to gain insights from their data to identify new opportunities, meet their customers’ needs and create a competitive advantage in the market.

Examples of Use Cases

  • Quickly pinpoint trends and challenges from within huge volumes of data from diverse sources.
  • With an accurate analysis and automated insights, get a clear picture to mitigate risk.
  • Successfully track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Complex datasets can be analyzed and turned into actionable insights that help improve service, point to new opportunities, and reduce costs.
  • Get automated insights, drill down to find the cause and who is involved. Start discussions with the relevant people and track through automatic notifications.
  • Insight-driven decisions that derive in better margins and accurate resource allocation.