Necto - Centralized BI

Necto is a centralized BI solution, where all users can work connected to a shared repository of data using a web client, rather than working in disconnected desktops (silos) around the organization. The organization as a whole gets smarter as people work together. 

Everyone sees the same data. This does not mean that everyone is allowed to see everything. There are data restrictions and permissions set up by IT. This is where governability is key. IT will set up permissions as to who can see what data and who can edit the data. The centralized platform ensures that there is only one updated version of the truth and the highest level of security.

In terms of deployment, centralized BI is easier and simple. It allows users to draw a web deployment, there is no scripting or installation on desktops, and it remains open to new users all the time because it can be scaled easily. Centralization allows the enterprise to keep costs down, because they are not overlapping staff, servers, licenses, and other things that are not necessary.

The centrally administered system enables knowledge sharing across departments while keeping one version of the truth. Users can distribute reports without worrying about security, as IT governs over data permissions. For example, they can distribute a dashboard to thousands of sales people and every sales person will only see the data he/she has access to. Necto’s centralized platform is a unique combination of self-service analytics and BI with an enterprise-grade security and governance.

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