Panorama is the world leader in Telecom Analytics & AI, exclusively serving the Telecom Intelligence market of 5B$ with 30% CAGR. Panorama’s flagship product, Necto, is being used as the analytics platform for leading CSPs worldwide, helping them make sense of their subscribers’ data and drive higher ARPU, LTV & Retention. After the massive investment, 5G is already deployed by many CSPs and will replace the 4G networks which provide connectivity to most mobile devices. 5G users will have higher bandwidth and faster download speeds. This will allow CSPs to expand their services in core connectivity, in the IoT/M2M space, and especially in the B2B (Enterprise) segment, which requires sensitive SLAs and unique services. On this webinar you will learn:
  • How AI drives 5G monetization
  • why you should use analytics to optimize your 5G monetization
  • How to build the right strategy by using AI & Analytics
and much more… Duration: 30 minutes

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AI & Deep Neural Networks to Automate Predictive Analytics

Automate the predictive analytics process to allow CSPs to make insight driven decisions and predict the behaviors of their customers and subscribers, predicting churn and pinpointing their next best offer.

Out-of-the-Box Reports, Dashboards, Visualizations & Predictive Insights

Get insights from all your business processes such as Concept to Market Acceleration, Lead to Cash Optimization, Problem to Resolution Expedition and Customer LTV Improvement.

World-leading Data Analytics Specifically Developed for Telecom

The first and only analytics solution specifically developed for the growing telecom and media needs. Enjoy pre-packaged analytics across all your departments and business processes.

Successfully Installed Worldwide in Major Telecom Companies

Telecom and media companies all around the world are using Panorama's Necto to optimize their business processes with data insights, to boost revenues, increase ARPU, customer lifetime value and retention.

Pre-Integrated with Leading Network, OSS, BSS, & IoT Solutions

Pre-integrated to your network, OSS, BSS & IoT solutions, giving you a fast & low-risk implementation and delivering a quick ROI. Get a POC in just 2 weeks!

Get Actionable Insights from Your IoT Data and Turn Your Data Into Gold

Our IoT use cases turn data into gold by giving you actionable business insights, while reaching operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Autonomous Telecom Intelligence

2020 is the year of Autonomous Telecom Intelligence. By using autonomous intelligence telecoms will: increase ARPU, increase customer LTV and reduce churn. Panorama enables Autonomous Telecom Intelligence with AI, ready-made data models, and the Magnet.